Thursday, October 4, 2012

My "What ticks me off" post

So I figure it is about time for my annual what ticks me off post.  I have had a few things lately that seem to completely rub me the wrong way so I know that once I vent them, and people change, that I will feel a whole lot better...

1.  When parents have to hold up the parent pick up line to WATCH their 3rd grader go in the building.  Seriously, there are at least four teachers out here, there are fifty people in line, and it is already 8:44.  Drop and go people, drop and go.

2.  Kids, whose names may or may not be Taylor and Grant, that insist on putting something back in the refrigerator with about 1 tablespoon left in the package, regardless of what it is.   How can they just not drink that last little bit?!  

3. People who slow down to about 3 miles an hour to turn the corner.  Turn the freaking corner.  You are not going to tip over.  And yes, this will make the list every dang year.

4.  Full make up and perfume when you go to workout.  Seriously?  It is not a fashion show.  And you aren't there to impress and if you are, well then, I don't even know what to say without really pissing someone off.  I can say that I have NOT encountered this at CrossFit!

5.  People with fake designer things.  It's tacky and it lessens the value of the name.  Sorry it is expensive but they have worked hard too.  And by the way, your secret is not safe.  Most people can tell a fake a mile away.  And don't tell me you don't care if people know it is a fake, if you didn't, you wouldn't buy something to look like it is the real thing in the first place.

7.  Presidential election years.  Neither of them are great candidates.  There is NOTHING they can do to make a law independently...Congress, remember?  And that religion is a factor.  That really PISSES me off.  You shouldn't even have the right to vote if you are voting on the factor alone.  And no, I wouldn't choose Romney just because he is Mormon, he just so happens to be the lesser of the two evils.

8.  Bullying.  Freaking enough already.  When I hear my kids even start talking about another child badly I come down on them like a hammer and you should too.  Stop allowing it.  Like I said, enough.  

9.  Customer service.  It is just me, or have people skills gone down the way side.  If I pay for a service, I wanted treated right.  If you are rude, your tip is going to suck.  If you are rude, I will not continue to utilize your services...and on that note, those who are rude to Customer Service people who are doing their best to make you happy.  SOMETIMES, the customer is NOT always right.  There are rules in place for a reason, and it may not benefit you, but they still have to follow them.

10.  And finally, people who think they are entitled.  You aren't going to graduate, be making $100,000 a year, living in a $500,000 house, and drive a $60,000 car.  And you shouldn't be entitled to that because you have a four year degree.  Even with that it still takes a lot of work to be successful.  My tax dollars should not be paying for your food stamps, free health care, reduced income housing so you can drive a nice cars and spend money on expensive things.  Grow freaking up and take responsibility for yourself and your family.  NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING.

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Have a great day everybody!


  1. Awesome list. Some day I would love to see you go "off" in person.