Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Because I am tired

Little darling baby boy insists on waking up three-four times a night.  Do you know what it does to a person when they don't get a good 4 hour stretch of sleep?  I just read some excerpts on a study about this actual thing.  After a few (meaning three, and boy have I nailed this part of it) nights of sleeplessness (meaning more than 4 hours at one time) it will take 10 hours of sleep for the body to make up for the loss.  First of all, whoever did this study OBVIOUSLY didn't take having kids into consideration...I mean, really, WHO sleeps ten hours....straight???!!!???

With that being said, I am exhausted, tired, CRABBY, worn out, tired, did I say CRABBY?  And I am getting migraines more often because of my lack of sleep.  I even resorted, gasp, to giving him formula last night to try to get him to sleep longer.  No go.  He ate bananas and sweet potatoes before the formula so I was SURE he would sleep longer....yes, my name in Ginnie and the color of the sky in my world is purple....and he woke up around the usual 1:00 am time.  This lack of sleep makes my body weak, I haven't had a workout in almost three weeks (but to my credit Hinckley did have an ear infection and the meds didn't agree with his poor little bottom so I wasn't going to take a chance in the Y baby watch and have him get burnt...which, by the way, they do a great job but I wasn't going to take a chance) and not getting a workout makes me CRABBIER than CRABBY.  

Friends, it is a fun time to be at the Coleman house.

So, without further ado, here is something that just might make me feel better, if only for a few fleeting moments...presenting...(don't read part 1 if you are will be offended because I almost write a bad word)
Ginnie's Pet Peeves, Part 2

Stepping on cereal that is on the floor due to careless kids.  That crunch sound (especially after mopping the floor last night) makes me SMILE...instantly.

People who turn the corner going about 2 miles an around....you are not, NOT, going to tip over.  Turn the corner people!!!  (This warranted a repeat)

Bread crumbs in the butter, peanut butter in the jelly, mustard in the mayo...ENOUGH SAID!!! (As did this)

When you accidentally do something to someone (like run into the back of them in a super crowded store, with an infant carrier in the cart that you can barely see over anyway, moving at a snails pace and hit their back side, BARELY) and then apologize (I am terribly sorry) and then you get the evil eye, (I REALLY am sorry {second apology}), and then they turn to give you the evil eye, AGAIN.  (Now I AM mad, "I SAID I WAS SORRY, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT!!")  Geez....

Boys who constantly fight.  Can you say indefinite grounding?  (Love that it punishes me more than them.)

People who chew gum like a cow chewing cud...especially people that are my age.
Almost empty containers put back in the fridge, cupboard, freezer...  Yep, I tried to be grateful about that.  I just can't because it is lazy...and laziness makes me crabby.
People who think that being inebriated and doing stupid things are funny (when they are my age or older) and their friends who encourage them and record it.  (Yeah, ask me about it sometime!)
Yep, I do feel better.  Oh, come on, it has been about a 1 1/2 since my last rant, give me a break!!!


  1. Quite the contrast to your "I am ever grateful" entry (he, he). Give me a call if you want advice on getting Hinckley to sleep through the night. I have several opinions on the matter. I AM sorry that he isn't being cooperative! Sleep is my absolute favorite thing in the world!

  2. Please don't hold back--tell us how you really feel. :)

  3. AMEN to your pet peeves! Being sleep deprived really does suck. Hopefully the little guy will give you a break soon!

  4. Im laughing sooooo hard right now!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Max has been sleeping until 5:15 for 10 days. It's a record. He's 10 months. ;). I know exactly how you feel. I'm
    Praying it lasts. I have similar pet peeved especially the grounding, boys fighting and general laziness annoys me. Hmm let's come up with boot camp. Perhaps we should swap boys so they can work for someone else. ;)

    Will pray for rest.