Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Grant!

Happy 13th Birthday!

Grant turned 13 on the 13th.

He is now officially a teenager.  

He started the day with donuts for breakfast.  He came home to an ice cream cake, balloons and gifts. And then he chose to go to Mi Mexico for dinner.

His party will be at a later date because his birthday always hits right when Spring Break is starting.

Grant has a heart of gold.  This is the boy that still kisses me goodnight and hugs me before he leaves for school each day.  

He is a great big brother to Hinckley, so much so that he lets Hinckley sleep in his room each night.  

He helps when he is asked.  He tries to do good in school.  He is a loyal friend.  

He wants to follow the teachings of the Savior and tries to choose the right, and when he doesn't he is quick to know and repent for his wrong doings.  

Even though he is quick to anger, he usually only gets this way because he feels he has been wronged.  He doesn't tolerate being put down or made fun of so he tries to not do that to other people.  

He loves animals and outdoors.  

He also wants to be a professional skateboarder so he practices as much as he can.  

That's what is great about him.  When he puts his mind to something he usually can do it.

Our home wouldn't be complete without him.  And each day I am grateful that our Father in heaven entrusted me with his care.

We love you to the moon and back Granty!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pet Peeves

So it occurred to me as I was thinking about my gratitude post over on 365 that I haven't posted my annual pet peeves list!  Ironic isn't it?

I know you ALL look forward to it..and this year there are a few that I've added and changed up a bit. 

Exciting stuff here people.

*People who turn the corner going 5 miles an hour.  You aren't going to tip.  And yes, it is possible to stay in your own freakin lane.  Idiots. (Still on the list.)

*Women who chew their gum like a cow chewing cud. (Ditto.)

*Companies who have terrible customer service.  This year I opted to do without the traditional Christmas card and send out a New Year's card.  Haven't gotten it?  Neither have I.  And now I am getting no response from the company despite repeated emails from this already paid for item.  Don't use Zazzle.

*I totally get personal correspondence works on priority.  But when you are a business, you should have the courtesy to at least respond with SOMETHING.  I have had that happen with a couple of local gyms that I am asking to bring samples of Organically Paleo Bakery items into.  That's fine if you don't want me to, but have the freakin courtesy to respond. Because now I WILL NOT enroll my kid in your youth program.  

*Flight costs.  You know you can fly to Paris from Rome for $51.  To Vienna for $121.  But in this country you fly to another state and it's going to be at least $250-$300 and that is on the cheaper end.  You can fly to another freakin country in Europe for 1/4 of the price.  WTF?

*Bullying.  Wow.  I mean, I thought I had in bad in school.  Kids these days are awful.  And mine included.  They say some things that I am appalled at.  Things they DON'T learn in our home.  Now if they say friggin or SOB I am totally accountable.  But the others, not at all.  And they think its fine to talk to other kids like that because that's the way "it is".  Parents, you better start taking some accountability.  You NEED to.

*Dating before young adults ready.  No it isn't "cute" that your 5th grader has a "boyfriend or girlfriend".  Not one little bit.  My daughter is down right gorgeous but I am giving fair warning now.  If your little boy comes after her before she is 16 (and even at 16 she will only be allowed to go on group dates) it will not be pretty.  AT ALL.  Be afraid.  No friggin joke.

*City plowing.  Don't even need to say more.  I appreciate it, I do.  But there should be a more effective way to do it.  Especially after they see the driveway being done and drive by putting another two feet at the end of it.

*Late starts.  Don't even get me started.  -29 below in the town I grew up.  Guess what.  They went to school.

*School Nutrition.  This deserves a post all on its own.  The amount of food waste.  The type of food.  Kids not getting to eat (at all) once they are in 8th grade and a parent forgets to put money in their account.  How many kids go hungry?

*People who profess to be an expert in something they are clearly not.  Or try to tell you how to do something.  Unless you are their boss or mentor, you don't have the right how to tell someone to do it.  This applies to EVERYTHING.

*Selfies.  A few times a year is okay.  Heck, even once a month is fine.  Weekly?  More than once a week?  Really?  Get over yourself. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Happenings...

Playing with Daddy

Tried to get a picture of them all but Hinckley wanted pictures of his Avengers puzzle pieces...

Intense session of Avengers play.

Captain American in my bed again.  Dbj.

I just puked in my mouth. Beard was fine.  Mustache equals instant creepy factor.

A lot of picture taking!

New haircut.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun in the snow!

The day after Christmas (post on that coming soon I promise!) we decided to take the kids sledding to a local golf course.  I am sure glad we went when we did as it looks to be around 50 degrees today in Des Moines today so I not sure there will be much snow left!  Then it will be 6 degrees tomorrow.  What the what????

Beautiful sun that day...

Because really, how hard is it to stay on the sled?

Hinckley quickly figured out that by covering his eyes his face wouldn't get full of snow!

Catching some SERIOUS air!

And the award for most wrecks goes to...

No fear!

Sledding is fun when you don't have to walk back up the hill.

What family outing would be complete without fighting...*sigh*

The 30 seconds of the day when they all got along.


I think I can...

and I did. (Maybe the photographer should have been yelling for him to stop so he didn't get hurt instead of waiting for the perfect photo op!)

SOOC.  Perfect end to a fun day!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A big milestone in our house happened yesterday.  Taylor turned the ripe old age of 14.  Why is 14 so important?  Well, now he can get a permit and work, at least for money legally now.  Free labor, I can assure you, is still in full force at our house.

Anyway, it is hard to think about the short amount of time he has left in our home.  It's actually kind of scary.

Have I taught him to be kind?  To be a helper of those less fortunate?  To give his best in everything that he does?  To love the Savior?  I think that there are things I have significantly failed at but then he will do something that makes me realize I may not have done too bad of job after all.

*I love when he thinks about his siblings.  It may not seem like much, but the other day he was somewhere and brought home a small candy cane for Hinckley and McKay.  It was this simple, small act of kindness that let me know he does think of others.

*He seems to run out of his lunch money fairly quickly.  The other day I asked him why and he said he doesn't seem to understand why either, so I decided to look at a listing of how he was spending money.  As I was going through each item with him, I got these responses,  "Oh, that was for so and so, he didn't have lunch today", "So and so forgot his lunch" and a few more like that.  I was floored and also humbled and reminded that I shouldn't  be so quick to judge what appears to be a kid just spending money because it's there.

*Wrestling has been a new experience for him.  He wanted to quit but I asked him to give it a month.  A couple of months later and he is still going and I have even noticed him "mentally" preparing before his match where as before he would just sit and look around, biding his time.  He wants to get better.  He even practices, A LOT, with his brother Grant.  (Well, at least until Grant realizes he isn't going to win then Grant goes ballistic, but that is another story...)

*Teaching your kids to love God is hard.  Taylor is at the age where he has to decide for himself.  But I do see small changes in his desire to know more.  We talk a lot about everything and I love that he will question me on even the smallest matter.  I have even caught him reading his scriptures without provocation a time or two.  He reminds me of me.  He is going to have to KNOW for himself that the gospel is true.  He won't rely on ANYBODY else telling him it is true or what to believe.  He will be the one to decide.  I love that about him.

A few other things...

This kid was born at 9 pounds 1 ounce and is skinny as rod but eats like a horse.  His baseball coach is convinced his metabolism could run a small country.  Seriously, eats me out of house and home.  But he knows how to cook!  

He isn't concerned about girls yet.  Thank goodness.  I remind him all of the time that any money spent on a girl now is just money spent on another man's wife.  I also love that he will talk to me about anything relationship related.  My advice:  Don't be afraid to talk to your kids.  Lay it out for them and be honest.  Keeping things a secret will only spark their interest more.

He can do anything he put his mind to.  He lost his phone because he was saying "fake" bad words and I got tired of it.  He had to make it 30 days without saying anymore to earn it back.  He made a chart and counted down the days.  He had to restart one time (about 10 days that point he finally realized that I wasn't going to just "let it go") and after that, he was determined to not have it happened again.  At he didn't.  He would catch himself and think about what he was going to say before he said it, especially in heated situations.  

He isn't perfect, as none of use are, but he really is a good kid.  He is my firstborn.  He will always be my baby.  He will always be mine.

I love you Taterbug!

His special day included dinner from his favorite Chinese restaurant, Wok in Motion, cupcakes, ice cream and presents.  He got money from Grandparents, a couple of Bass Pro Shops gift cards and a camping backpack that he wanted.  I think he was pretty happy about that!

Letting his brother help him open the present because Hinckley thought it was his.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Baller

Grant has finally started his basketball season.  He is in his last year playing with the YMCA.  It's generally a great program for kids who aren't too serious about it and it's a useful way to keep them fit during the winter.

With that being said, Grant is the hardest working player out there.  But he is also scrappy.  And I mean scrappy.  And some how he manages to make it work.  It's honestly funny watching him.  He has no fears when it comes to defense and he is all over the place trying to block shots with arms a moving.  Hysterical folks.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

His favorite activity

Taylor had his choir concert last night.

He looks THRILLED, doesn't he?

He HAS to take choir because I won't let him have two study halls.  But this is beyond ridiculous.  He barely looks like he is singing.  And the kid actually has a decent voice...considering I can't hold a tune to save my life, I am very frustrated that he doesn't take it more seriously.  For someone who likes the sound of his own voice as much as he does, I was hoping he would really enjoy it.