Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pet Peeves

So it occurred to me as I was thinking about my gratitude post over on 365 that I haven't posted my annual pet peeves list!  Ironic isn't it?

I know you ALL look forward to it..and this year there are a few that I've added and changed up a bit. 

Exciting stuff here people.

*People who turn the corner going 5 miles an hour.  You aren't going to tip.  And yes, it is possible to stay in your own freakin lane.  Idiots. (Still on the list.)

*Women who chew their gum like a cow chewing cud. (Ditto.)

*Companies who have terrible customer service.  This year I opted to do without the traditional Christmas card and send out a New Year's card.  Haven't gotten it?  Neither have I.  And now I am getting no response from the company despite repeated emails from this already paid for item.  Don't use Zazzle.

*I totally get personal correspondence works on priority.  But when you are a business, you should have the courtesy to at least respond with SOMETHING.  I have had that happen with a couple of local gyms that I am asking to bring samples of Organically Paleo Bakery items into.  That's fine if you don't want me to, but have the freakin courtesy to respond. Because now I WILL NOT enroll my kid in your youth program.  

*Flight costs.  You know you can fly to Paris from Rome for $51.  To Vienna for $121.  But in this country you fly to another state and it's going to be at least $250-$300 and that is on the cheaper end.  You can fly to another freakin country in Europe for 1/4 of the price.  WTF?

*Bullying.  Wow.  I mean, I thought I had in bad in school.  Kids these days are awful.  And mine included.  They say some things that I am appalled at.  Things they DON'T learn in our home.  Now if they say friggin or SOB I am totally accountable.  But the others, not at all.  And they think its fine to talk to other kids like that because that's the way "it is".  Parents, you better start taking some accountability.  You NEED to.

*Dating before young adults ready.  No it isn't "cute" that your 5th grader has a "boyfriend or girlfriend".  Not one little bit.  My daughter is down right gorgeous but I am giving fair warning now.  If your little boy comes after her before she is 16 (and even at 16 she will only be allowed to go on group dates) it will not be pretty.  AT ALL.  Be afraid.  No friggin joke.

*City plowing.  Don't even need to say more.  I appreciate it, I do.  But there should be a more effective way to do it.  Especially after they see the driveway being done and drive by putting another two feet at the end of it.

*Late starts.  Don't even get me started.  -29 below in the town I grew up.  Guess what.  They went to school.

*School Nutrition.  This deserves a post all on its own.  The amount of food waste.  The type of food.  Kids not getting to eat (at all) once they are in 8th grade and a parent forgets to put money in their account.  How many kids go hungry?

*People who profess to be an expert in something they are clearly not.  Or try to tell you how to do something.  Unless you are their boss or mentor, you don't have the right how to tell someone to do it.  This applies to EVERYTHING.

*Selfies.  A few times a year is okay.  Heck, even once a month is fine.  Weekly?  More than once a week?  Really?  Get over yourself. 

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