Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Grant!

Happy 13th Birthday!

Grant turned 13 on the 13th.

He is now officially a teenager.  

He started the day with donuts for breakfast.  He came home to an ice cream cake, balloons and gifts. And then he chose to go to Mi Mexico for dinner.

His party will be at a later date because his birthday always hits right when Spring Break is starting.

Grant has a heart of gold.  This is the boy that still kisses me goodnight and hugs me before he leaves for school each day.  

He is a great big brother to Hinckley, so much so that he lets Hinckley sleep in his room each night.  

He helps when he is asked.  He tries to do good in school.  He is a loyal friend.  

He wants to follow the teachings of the Savior and tries to choose the right, and when he doesn't he is quick to know and repent for his wrong doings.  

Even though he is quick to anger, he usually only gets this way because he feels he has been wronged.  He doesn't tolerate being put down or made fun of so he tries to not do that to other people.  

He loves animals and outdoors.  

He also wants to be a professional skateboarder so he practices as much as he can.  

That's what is great about him.  When he puts his mind to something he usually can do it.

Our home wouldn't be complete without him.  And each day I am grateful that our Father in heaven entrusted me with his care.

We love you to the moon and back Granty!

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