Friday, August 16, 2013

School's in for the year...

The kids started school on Wednesday.  And it's really nice to be back to a strict schedule...oh, and seven less hours of fighting is super nice!

Quick shot before the older two headed off to school.  They go an hour earlier than McKay.

Who is this young man?  Today I was feeling really old.  He has now graduated from athletic wear to "real" clothes.  Our stops were at Abercrombie and Hollister.  And he wanted cologne.  And he picked this outfit out.  Dang he looks good, but where is my little guy, you know, the one that I swear was just two years old?  A blinding realization that this great kid has only 4 1/2 years left in our home.  

McKay and her teacher.  Grant also had this teacher and we loved her.  But of course, I think most of the teachers are pretty great.

Here's to a great year for the kids! Kyle gave them fathers blessings the morning of school and they were promised some pretty incredible things if they strive to do what is right.


  1. Love heather Weiss. Sweet person mcKay is blessed. Wow the clothes....the socks....the style. I'm waiting for my boys to want clothing more like that. ;)