Friday, August 16, 2013


So the kids finally begged enough to get a trip to Wyoming.  We went with their schedule and what they wanted to do.  It was nice to not have to rush anywhere.  I was able to get my CrossFit workouts in to keep my sanity, the boys got to enjoy a lot of outdoors and they spent a lot of time with their cousins.  

I hate the drive.  It's long and boring up until you get to Spearfish, South Dakota.  And that takes about 10 hours.  10 hours of straight and boring.  Thank goodness for wireless jetpacks and Pinterest.  Oh, and smut music when the boys got too bad.  (Which was 30 minutes into the drive).

Anyway, here are some pictures from the trip.

Entering the Big Horn mountains from Buffalo, Wyoming.  So beautiful!  
(These were taken with my 70-200 while the car was moving)

The Big Horns as we get over the top and are heading towards Ten Sleep.  Loved catching the sun shining through the trees.  (Again, moving car.)

At first we were a little confused as to why some car from Washington was taking the little known (if you aren't from around there anyway) NoWood road.  Then we saw the sticker.  He was trying to not get shot!

The boys, Grandpa Aaron and I snuck up on these four bucks behind their house.  I kept sneaking about 20 feet as I tried to stay quiet.  They were pretty curious...I was starting to wondering if one of them was debating coming after me!

The boys wanted to go see where we snowmobile so one day we took them up the Chief Joseph highway.  We stopped at the top and took a few pictures, got water from the fresh spring and ate lunch at our favorite, The Beartooth Cafe.  I had some out of this world smoked trout.  So good!

The two Great Grandmothers (both from Kyle's side) came out one night for dinner.  Adelyn, in the lower picture, turned 100 earlier this year.  The boys loved listening to her tell about her life.  They couldn't even imagine not having electricity, indoor toilets, cars, planes, etc.  She has lived through so much change in her lifetime.  She is still as spry as she was when Kyle and I first got married, although her hearing has gotten worse.

Ran into a massive lightening storm on our way back to Gillette. Again, we were driving.  I wanted to stop so bad but Kyle didn't seem to hip on the idea!

The kids (minus Hinckley who was tired of getting pictures taken) with their cousins.

A beautiful view from the Lewis and Clark Boy Scout camp.   The boys and Kyle had been here a couple of weeks ago and he wanted to show me the view.

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