Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I think I deserve wife of the year award.  Besides the fact that I am insanely awesome, I pulled something off that took my husband by complete surprise.

Even more surprising then him dressing as Dee Snider...

While he was hard at work, this was happening at our house...

In preparation for this...

Happy 40th Sweetheart!
Although, I am not really sure if it was more surprising than this...

(His dressing like this totally warrants seeing it twice!)


  1. WIN!! I'm so glad he was surprised! And seriously I refuse to believe that's Kyle dressed up.

  2. Nice pictures! It was fun to be there. Thanks for the great weekend!

  3. Oh how FUN...I am SO SO SO happy you pulled it OFF! Hinckley is looking at this over my shoulder and yelling SURPRISE!

  4. Looks like a wonderful surprise! Wish we could have been there! Happy 40th Kyle!

  5. Very impressive! What a memory...both the party and the costume ;)