Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beggar's Night...and a hard lesson in life!

Can you hear the crying and complaining?  If so, it is definitely coming from our house.

The now traditional Beggar's Night started off great...

Pumpkin carving...

All dressed up and ready to go...

He had it easy...under the blanket with Mom walking him in the stroller.  

McKay getting a few "extra" treats from her teacher.

Then it was time for reality...

Yes we tax our kids candy.
No we don't allow our kids to eat all they collect.
Yes it is a great lesson to learn because that is how we feel every quarter when taxes are due.
No we don't eat it; it actually gets taken to Kyle's office.
Yes we are the meanest parents in the world.
No I don't care if you think so too.

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