Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Lucky for you, I was too angry to take a picture nor would I WANT to do that to anyone who reads our blog.

The story will be sufficient enough to make you gag...literally.

So my son, whose name may or may not be Taylor, has this aversion to getting sick in the toilet.  I mean, why would one go to the toilet if you can just puke anywhere?  

My disclaimer is that this is a common occurrence for fact, I can think of only ONE time that he has gotten sick so suddenly he didn't have a choice.

Last night was NOT that night.

As I finally fell  asleep after a long and exhausting, albeit fun, extended weekend with family, I hear this soft call of my name.  Which is then immediately followed by the unmistakable sounds of someone getting sick.  

So the nice Mom that I am decides to get him a wet wash cloth to put on his head.  As I head to his bathroom I am relieved to see the  light on and that he is in there...until I step inside anyway. 

The kid made it to the toilet, but instead of puking in the toilet, and neglecting the sink and the tub on the way, he pukes onto the floor right in front of the toilet...while sitting on the toilet.  

A whole bunch of "frickin a's" came out of this Mommas mouth.  And I had to throw out a whole bunch of cleaning towels because I wasn't in the mood to deal with it.  Then I had to bleach the floor.

Can you say awesome?  I am sure my family LOVED waking up to my yelling....and yelling "fricken a" nonetheless.  At least it wasn't the real "F" word.


  1. SO sorry Ginnie!!!! I can't do throw up I tell my kids you make it or clean it up. When i try I start puking myself. It's not pleasant. Hope you both have a better day:)

  2. I thought I was having a bad day. thanks Ginnie. Hope it passes very quickly and no one else gets it.