Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy body

Boy is this little guy busy.  The other day I caught him trying to climb onto the mantle.  That wasn't even the start of it.  The little stinker also watched me putting some discs into my iMac and thought to himself, gee, that might be fun.  Needless to say that I came home after a quick trip to drop Grant off somewhere and my computer was making funny noises.  We didn't make the record at the Apple store as we only had two CD's in there (the record is three and a coupon...) but it did manage to ruin my optic drive.  So a new time capsule, hard drive (which was on recall) and optic drive later my computer is finally up and running.

We also enjoyed what was probably the really last nice day of the year...74 degrees worth!  And what does my little guy do?  You guessed it, he spent some time playing with his lady love.  I guess it never hurts to vacuum the drive way, right?

Then it was time to practice some tree climbing skills...

Good times this week peeps!

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