Friday, October 21, 2011

Center Grove Orchard

On Monday Hinckley and I set out for Center Grove Orchard.  We normally go as a family but this year has been too busy.  I knew my time for apples was beginning to dwindle and I need to can applesauce this year, so off we went.  My friend Emily joined us and we had a nice, quick trip.  It was pretty cold, but we did enjoy warm apple cider donuts and left with 6 bushels of apples, 8 donuts, 8 caramel apples, and 2 gallons of apple cider.

Guess who loved the donut?

So excited to play with the goats...this little guy LOVES animals.  He just kept putting his fingers in and giggling.  One little goat thought Hinckley's finger was a snack, but he still had a good time.

Checking out the chickens.

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  1. Does he ever stop getting cuter? You look beautiful too! It must be the apple pectin!