Saturday, October 22, 2011


My beloved husband is another year older...

Last year I posted that he still rocked at 38...

And I just had to post this picture again because it makes me crack up every time I see it...if you know Kyle, you know this is SO NOT HIM!  

And this is why he rocks at 39...

He honors the Priesthood.  He honors our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

He honors his parents.  He honors his grandparents.  He loves his family.

He honors me and our marriage.  He puts me first...always.  He doesn't complain.  He overlooks my faults. He allows me to be me.  He allows me to do my own thing.

He works hard to support our family. He can fix anything.  He believes in working hard and being self sufficient.  He will do what it takes to take care of us.  

He takes time for our children.  He says their prayers with them each night.  He reads to Hinckley and McKay.  He coaches their teams.  HE TAKES TIME FOR THEM.  

He takes care of our home.  If I don't get the dishes done, I know he will.  If the laundry is behind, I know he will do it.  He is a support to me.

He cares about other people.  His unspoken, unnoticed efforts are what make him special.  He doesn't want recognition, or a front page picture.  He does these things because the Lord has asked him to. 

He knows how to ask for forgiveness when he makes a mistake.  He even asks our children for forgiveness when he hasn't been as kind as he thinks he should be.  

He listens.

A year in the life...

He takes the kids places.

He teaches the kids the value of work.

He lets the kids iFat his face!

He can be goofy with the boys.

He likes the Yankees...I mean, there are a few things more important...a few.

He lets kids run through the October.

Are there things he doesn't do?

Of course...

He doesn't ride on roller coasters.
And he doesn't run.

Not everyone can be perfect!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.  What a blessing it is to know that I have been sealed to you for time and all of eternity.  Thank you for being the man that you are.  

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