Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good thing he is cute...

He's cute all right.  He loves to play in my bathroom cupboards when I am getting ready for the day.  He loves to take out everything, tries to open everything and tries to plug in, you guessed it, everything.  He is into EVERY...THING.

I am pretty patient knowing that this is a stage and he is just exploring and learning to be creative.

The fun stops, however, when I discover that he has not only taken something out of its place, but that he has opened it as well.  Especially when it is a pricey little jar of night cream. 

I actually caught him dipping his finger in the jar and then sticking it is his mouth, but the frustration befell me first therefore the pictures are after the fact.


  1. The more expensive it is, the better it tastes, right?

  2. Oh boy look at that hair. That is amazing how curly and blonde it is!