Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sometimes begging does pay off

The boys have long been begging, BEGGING to play tackle, full pad football.  We have not put them in it because they are young, and really, I just don't see the point.  Many of the kids I grew up with didn't even get to play until 7th grade and they turned out to play just fine.  In fact, Taylor is playing flag for one of his baseball coaches, who happened to play college football and has two sons who did as well, who thinks that it is ridiculous that kids are playing tackle this early.  

But Taylor already has his thing.  Baseball.  The kids eat, drinks and breathes baseball.  So he is actually ok with not playing tackle.

Grant has yet to find his thing.  One of his favorite lines in a movie is from Remember the Titans when Louie tell s the coach something to the effect of if he is going to have to go to school he might as well play football so he can hit somebody.  Suits Grant.  So tackle football is in for him this year.

Grant and our neighbor Dylan.  (No, we aren't not Cyclone fans, this is in our neighbors driveway...just wanted to clear the air on that one...we are NEUTRAL...we are Switzerland!  Yeah, November 18th can't come soon enough!!!!)

He is #52. 

So the season has started and I think he is enjoying it.

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