Sunday, May 29, 2011

A long time ago in a place far, far away...

Manger Pour Vivre...the food blog.

No excuses...unless busy is one.  I keep promising to be more diligent about posting.  So now that the baby is one year *sad sigh* and I was FINALLY released as Primary President in our ward at church *ecstatic screams of joy* I THINK I might have more time to devote to what I love third best.  Yes, of course family and religion come before food, but to be honest, there are some days when food comes first.  I am trying to find the "right place"...or maybe right balance is better said.

But I am thinking I might combine the food and family blog because although I share with my children what is going on in the kitchen, I want it written down for them too.  And I don't want two books because I am pretty sure that someday the food book will be a source of when the boys are older, married and their wife is cleaning the house and decides that it isn't important.  You know she will...especially because she probably won't be able to cook as well as the boys will.  Sorry, in today's processed, convenient driven food scene it is the truth.  

I guess a new name for the combination of the two is important.  Let me think on it today....and maybe tomorrow.  But, new things are coming friends and family.  

Maybe that place isn't so far away after all.

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