Sunday, May 29, 2011

Helping a friend in need is fun indeed.

McKay has been begging, BEGGING, to have her BFF Kate spend the night.  When Hinckley was born, McKay spent the night at their home and we have had Kate over as well.  Well, lucky for McKay, not so much for our dear friends, Kate got to spend the night this week because her Dad ruptured his Achilles tendon and had to have surgery early one day this past week.  

The girls were so much so that they didn't fall asleep until almost midnight!  The next day we spent some time at Living History Farms.  The girls had a blast.  

The girls have already figured out that they love to pose for pictures.

McKay was trying to get the horse to give her a kiss...thank goodness he didn't!

The best part of the day...piglets.  I'll tell you what, people always talk about "Momma Bear" syndrome, but the minute this little piglet started to squeal there were four VERY UPSET mom's in the barn.  I'm glad those big pigs weren't after us!

This man was great...a little too generous allowing the girls help him pound some iron that is at about a gazillion degrees...

Another pose. (2 of 20 or so...)


  1. LOVE the pictures! Those two little girls - so cute. Thanks again for your help. Kate had a wonderful time.

  2. cute pics. it's fun to see they've developed such a great friendship.