Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduation...and a fair warning.

McKay graduated from preschool this past week.  I cannot believe she is going to be in kindergarten next year.  I had her with me not too long ago at the school and as I was watching this tiny little girl walk down the hallway I got a pit in my stomach.  I thought to myself "This is for real next year".  She is ready...I, most certainly, am not.  I don't remember feeling as protective with my boys as I do with her.  I always feel that they are equipped to handle the school experience.  My little girl I worry about more than you can imagine.  So...fair warning.

My little girl is a Daughter of God.  She is precious above all in His sight.  President Gordon B. Hinckley said "Do not ever have any inferiority complex about your place in this world in which you live.  You are a daughter of God, and I am satisfied that our Father in Heaven loves His daughters as much as He loves His sons.  You hold up your heads and stand tall and walk in righteousness and faith and virtue and truth and do not let anybody put you down or sell you short.  You are a daughter of God.  Live worthy of your divine inheritance.  You are not inferior in any sense.  You are daughters of God".  

I think that will be our mantra.

Yes, I am already thinking ahead.  I, unfortunately, know how cruel girls and boys can be.  I will not allow her to experience growing up and not knowing and believing what she can accomplish. 

I have said it, now you know, fair warning.

I just had to upload this video because of the cute little boy next to McKay.  He was unhappy the whole time and at this point, broke down.  He would not smile, sing, or do anything.  I only laugh because it reminds of another little boy whose name may or may not be Grant who acted the same way at his concert at this age.

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  1. Poor kid! It was nice to see that McKay gave him a brief pity glance before she continued on with her life. Learn the brush off early!