Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mr. Photogenic

Hinckley seems to be used to a camera always in his face.  But really, would you be able to resist taking pictures of this cutie pie?

Another fun adventure in our house is eating.  He loves to eat.  And, of course, it gets all over.  There is a reason his high chair doesn't have a pad in the back.  Despite being "washable', I think they are disgusting germ habitations.  Plus, with as messy as he is, I don't want to have to put it in the washer each time.  

Like the big bruise on his head?  He got a little to close to his lady love, aka the vacuum, and pulled it over on him.

Tomorrows is Grant's birthday.  He will be in the double digits now.  And again it is quite a depressing moment for this Mommy as she knows that more than half of his time in our home is over.  *sigh*  I am glad I just made a big batch of dark chocolate fudge!

We are celebrating with dinner out tonight, his favorite breakfast (mixed berry ricotta crepes) tomorrow, and his present.  

Spring break is this week.  We are hoping for beautiful weather.  I need to plant peas on the 17th so I better be able to rototill my garden!  Ahh, is Spring really around the corner?

Although, I dread losing an hour of least we don't go to church at 9 this year!!!


  1. He is so cute! Love his little happy face! Darling family, Ginny!

  2. I agree, that Hinckley is a cutie pie for sure. I hope Grant has a great birthday tomorrow too!

    And speaking of daylight savings....WE happen to be the lucky ones with 9am church! Kill me now. Ha.