Sunday, March 13, 2011

***HaPpY BIrThDAy GrANt***

G-Genuinely Loving...Grant loves everyone, he really does.  He wants a kiss and hug before school, after school and before bed.  Even though he gets mad at his siblings and mad at Mom and Dad sometimes, I know that he really loves us.  He is the type of child that is best served by the "spare the rod, spoil the child" mentality.
R-Righteous.  Grant has a desire to do what is right.  He wants to follow the Savior.  He wants to be an example to others.  He tries each day to do what the Savior would want him to do.
A-Ability.  Grant has wicked ability to do difficult things.  He  walked at 8 months, rode a two wheeler at 2 years and 2 months (NOT KIDDING!), won a head butting contest with a rock wall (proof was in the broken rock!), and isn't afraid to try anything.  His sense of adventure is always amusing, and thankfully has not landed us in the ER...yet! 
N-Nice.  Grant is nice.  He always tries to include others in what he is doing.  He wants all kids to be kind to one another.  He is nice to his friends, teachers and family.
T-Temper.  Whoa, this kid has a temper.  Why would I highlight this?  Because a temper, I believe, can be used both positively and negatively.  He gets mad at little things, but he also gets mad at things that will help him make better choices in the future.  Examples?  Not having patience for kids who are mean to other kids, friends who don't include others, and when things are being done that aren't right.  

We started his birthday celebration with dinner at his favorite restaurant, Mi Mexico, last night.

This morning he chose his favorite breakfast, Mixed Berry Ricotta Crepes.  

Loving the berries dripping down his chin!

Then it was the part he has been waiting for...

Is it a pair of "Zigs" (shoe that every kid seems to have, but I find them ugly), a game for Wii, an airsoft gun?  No...

Just what he wanted! 

He is a pretty lucky boy, but we are even more lucky to be his parents.  I know Heavenly Father sent him to our home for a reason.  He teaches us each day with his love, kindness, and even his temper.  We love you Granty!

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