Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I don't know about you, but I often feel like this...

Just when I get one room cleaned, another one is dirty.  I love a clean home.  I love organization.  I realize that having children means messes.  I am okay with that.  But a clean home is impoortant, so I clean often throughout the day in bits of free time.  But, there are days when I feel just like this.  This morning I mopped the floor.  (which happens often in our home).  I swear not two minutes after I was done I found crumbs by the stove.  AND THE BOYS WERE GONE ALREADY.  It wasn't McKay as she was still asleep.  How does that happen?  And  yes, I sweep before mopping.  AND I mop on my hands and knees because mops don't clean well.  No we don't own a cat but there is a lucifer somewhere in this house.

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  1. Hey Ginnie! I also mop the floors on my hands and knees because I am just grossed out by using a mop! And you are correct, they just don't clean well enough...well for my liking anyways! :) I'm glad you are feeling better. You sound like me when I have to take medication. I absolutely despise taking antibiotics so much! I feel like I'm weak and like I lost a battle when I have to break down and go in for meds :( So you're not alone in that department!
    By the way, I love reading your blogs...I'm glad we can see eachothers children grow and keep in touch via this wonderful thing called world wide web! :)
    Have a great day!!