Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Bite Club

Last year McKay got this great book from preschool.  It is distributed by the USDA and her preschool gave them to each of the students.  Take a minute to peek at the story before you read on!

Since that day, this book has become a main read almost every night.  She loves it.  This has also become our "mantra" so to speak.  When we are trying something new we often remind her about the "two bite club" and how she needs to try everything she has on her plate.  

Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

However, tonight was the first time she actually used the "mantra" herself.

As I was feeding Hinckley I overheard Kyle ask McKay what was on her mouth.  When she didn't answer, he came to me and asked what it was.  I didn't have a clue, and wondered if she had once again snuck into Taylor's room and found his personal treat stash.  (That is a whole other, constantly throwing it away, finding it again, story!)  When he didn't get an answer he proceeded to take her into the bathroom to wash her face.  As they walked away I heard "I got the same thing as Taylor.  (Taylor had a piece of fudge I made earlier.)  I think I might like it, so I tried it.  You know, the two bite club?  And I liked it!".  Well, she wasn't wrong...technically.

Yes, my name is Ginnie and my four year old now out whits me.