Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 months young

What can I say about my chunky monkey?  He is so adorable.  I love him all the way up to his toes and to the moon and back.  

A typical day in the life of Hinckley:

He loves to suck on his fingers (I am surprised that now one of the pictures has him doing that!)
He loves to roll over, but hates getting stuck.  When he is on his belly, he is constantly swimming...boy does this babe want to be moving!
He loves to stand up, with help of course, and look around.
He loves to walk around in my arms.  He really doesn't enjoy being in one place for too long.
He wants to put everything in his mouth.  He especially loves to suck on his soft blanket.
He loves to jibber jabber.  I am pretty sure that he thinks what he is saying is most important at that moment.
When he is hungry, he is hungry...NOW.
He loves his bananas and cereal mixed together and is finally getting the hang of eating.
He laughs when you are changing his diaper.
He is very ticklish...just like his Daddy.
I am enjoying every minute of him.  He brings so much joy to our home.  I love to squeeze his chubby little legs and cheeks.  What a blessing children are.  How grateful I am that my Heavenly Father entrusted me with their care. 

Well, he is hungry...NOW!

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