Saturday, October 16, 2010

Should have posted when I was going to the first time

I am a little behind in posting. I was going to do it last week, but it has been hectic around our house. Then I was going to do it yesterday...but guess what? Once again my computer has a virus. I can't open ANYTHING...not outlook, word, documents...zilch, zip, nada. I am not happy about getting another virus. In fact, I am quite crabby about it. All of my pictures are on my laptop. I had a feeling my computer might be on it's last legs, so I started backing files up. I hadn't gotten to pictures yet. I hope I can get them. I can't take pictures off my camera and put them on my IPad...yet. I guess that means a trip to the Apple store for the cord I need...and maybe a new computer because I am done with anything that is not an Apple. Done I tell you.

Hopefully the last two weeks updates will be coming soon.

Busy, busy, busy it has been at the Coleman house.

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