Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Rocker!

Here's a, like, shout out, to my, like, totally rad husband, who at 38 is still, like, rockin it old skool.

Thanks LeGrand's for these costumes because he will never live this one down.
 Boy am I going to pay for posting this, but after finding this yesterday on an old disc I couldn't help fact, I am still laughing.

What is so funny?  This is SO not Kyle!!!


  1. Oh this is AWESOME!! I love it. You guys definitely need to dress up like this for Halloween. I hope he had a great bday.

    It looks like Kyle and my Tanner have something in common--they both ROCK and were born on the same day! HA

  2. I have to say... that is the very first time I have ever seen Money wear a concert t-shirt in all the years since second grade that I have known him! Classic