Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Memories

This past week I had the privilege of attending my dear friend Laurie's daughters wedding.  Kristina was our babysitter for a time when Kyle and I were in Laramie for law school.  She is such a beautiful young lady and truly represents virtue and integrity.  I hope the young man she married realizes what a gem she truly is...although I am pretty sure he does!  They were married and sealed together for time and eternity on August 14th in the Salt Lake Temple.

Sweet memories you ask?  Well, almost 13 years to the date Kyle and I were in that same temple being married.  On August 15th we celebrated our anniversary...although I was in Utah and he was in Wyoming.  A little odd I know, but Hinckley and I were the only ones to make this trip.  Kyle decided to be brave and take the other three kiddos on a road trip to his sisters house.  We will be celebrating next weekend...this weekend is our big back to school party!

 I stayed with Kyle's brother and his wonderful family.  I always enjoy being at their, Daron loves food as much as I do.  I was having such a great time that I only got a few pictures, but here is a cute one with my nephew Aaron and Hinckley Aaron, both of which are named after Grandpa Aaron.  Aaron turns 16 soon so any of you Utahan's with daughters let me know and I will hook you up with this cutie pie!  (For a group date, of course)

Hinckley had quite a week.  He seems to have found his voice and has become quite the talker.  He also is determined to roll over.  He hasn't gotten it yet, but he gets so frustrated trying!

 Laurie and I met for some lunch and girl time on Monday.  I think she needed a nice relaxing day after the last few months of planning for the wedding.  I just wish we would have had time to go for a run together and then spend the afternoon at a spa.  Maybe next time.  We did get to enjoy lunch, some time shopping and talking.  I sure miss their family.

Later that afternoon I met another dear friend, Jami, for dinner.  We had a great time visiting and I hope next time the whole family will be with me so we can send them to the farm.  Jami's family are dairy farmers in Logan and I would love to send them to go work for a day or two. 

Hinckley did great on his first trip on an airplane.  He didn't cry once!  He was such a trooper and made the trip so enjoyable.  I had a great time, missed my family dearly, but enjoyed the time I was there.

Congratulations Kristina and Jared!

Check out Eat to Live to hear about my culinary adventures in the greater Salt Lake area.

The boys were excited to find out their teachers today and they both got the teachers they were hoping for.  We have a few things to finish up before school which starts a week from today.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Love the pics of the rolling attempts. ;). And yeah for group dating after 16. ;)