Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Minute Road Trip

My beloved decided last minute on Friday at noon that he wanted to take a trip to the Black off we went to spend a few days at Lazy Bear Cabin.

We were joined by Kyle's sister and her family.  We had a nice, relaxing time and look forward to going back when the snow falls.  The only problem with this trip...the hills were hot.  It was 101 degrees at the cabin on Sunday.  It is supposed to be cooler up in them hills...Too bad it was Sunday because it looked like a lot of people were having a blast on Pactola!!!

Browsing through Deadwood, drive through Spearfish Canyon, trip to Keystone for the Rushmore Slide and Rushmore Taffy were on our fun list...and relaxing at the cabin with a few games of Yahtzee and air hockey.  We had a great time!

Plus a new find...if you go to Deadwood you MUST go visit Chubby Chipmunk Hand Dipped Chocolates.

And this little guy?

He did great!  Traveled like a trooper...of course, it made the trip a little longer having to stop and nurse him every three-four hour, but he wasn't fussy!!  The little chubster is now 3 months old...sigh.  Growing too fast!!!

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