Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School

School supplies...check.  Hair cuts...check.  School clothes...not yet.  New Bikes...not yet.

Had we not taken a last minute, summer ending celebration trip to Deadwood, the other two would have been accomplished.  But alas, the boys still looked pretty darn handsome for their first day.  
What is NOT funny?  Taylor has really started being concerned about hygiene.  Don't get me wrong, he has always been really clean, but now he is worried about the smell of his hair and body products (uh yeah, at the store he told me politely that he was NOT going to 5th grade smelling like coconut shampoo...thus he now has Suave Men's and Axe body wash...WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE BOY??)  He also is very picky about what he wants to wear.  I have a feeling that Saturday is going to be a LONG day!!

Another realization?  Taylor's time is our home is more than half over.  He will soon be 11.  As he walked into his first day of his last year of elementary school he didn't turn to see that I was there...he always has before.  It  made me want to cry.  I hope I have been preparing him adequately.  Grant will be 10 soon and his time is half over in our home as well.  I was happy to see that he turned and waved.

Redemption...this morning Taylor asked if I was going to walk with him to school.  I asked him if he wanted me to and he said yes.  He DOES need me...happy day!!


  1. Wow...all grown up! I still remember him from nursery! :)

  2. oh yes they ALL still need YOU