Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deadwood Treasure

There's gold in them thar hills....well, maybe not gold, but there certainly is a little culinary treasure.

May I present

Can you say "Out of this World" good?

I have had some of the best chocolate the world has to offer.  I have also had some of the worst.  I have had chocolate from Jacques Torres, who, quite frankly, is the MASTER.  With that being said, Chubby Chipmunk is a solid apprentice.  Whoever runs the show KNOWS how to temper correctly, KNOWS how to, with exactness, combine flavor combinations perfectly and KNOWS that appearance can go a long way.  
The truffles were absolutely perfect...creamy with a shell that was slightly firm.  My favorite?  Probably the Deadwood Toffee or the Espresso.  But as you can tell, I obviously have enjoyed a few of the flavors.

And the mistake?  Well, supposedly they made it mistake trying out a new caramel recipe.  They made a caramel, added a little bit of Hawaiian Pink Salt, covered it with dark chocolate, and topped it with a touch more salt.  So not a mistake.  To die for...and I will be ordering more this week!  I ate them so fast I couldn't take a picture...sorry.  And yes, chocolate does make the world a better place.

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