Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun with Family

This past week Kyle's Mom and Sister along with her Husband and boys were here for Hinckley's blessing.  I am grateful they made the trip out...I know what a LONG drive it is.  They usually come visit about twice a year so we look forward to them coming.  Now if I could just get them to fly they would probably come out a lot more! 

My Sister-in-law is a Foster Parent and is taking care of this cute little, well, not so little, boy.  He is quite the chubbster and he is only three months older than Hinckley.  We are praying that this little guy gets to stay with them and eventually be adopted.  He wasn't born under the greatest of circumstances but he is thriving due to a loving home.

McKay wanted to celebrate her birthday party when Grandma was here so we had her best friend over Kate over for cake and ice cream.  She loved her presents and had a great time eating least until the boys tried to take some from her!

Hinckley seems like he is growing so fast.  I try to capture each small moment that I can.  I love looking at his little feet and watching him sleep.  He brings me to tears every time I look at his precious little face.  Kyle blessed him on Sunday and he had such inspired words for our little boy.  I will post a picture later of him in his blessing suit that both Taylor and Grant wore as well.

We took a fun trip to the zoo with all of the kids.  It was Hinckley's first visit to the zoo...he hardly cried, but that is because he was asleep most of the time!  Oh well, there are many other times that this little guy will get to visit the zoo!  You can't really tell by the picture, but his onesie said "Born to be Wild" with a bunch of zoo animals!

We also took a trip out to "Bass Pro Shops".  Now some of you may be thinking, "Are you serious?".  Quite.  The boys have been begging to go to this store since it opened and we just kept putting it off.  But I heard they had a pretty cool bowling alley so we headed out east...well, 14 miles east of Waukee anyway!  The kids had a blast.  Tuesday is kids day so all of the activities inside the store were no charge.  They got to do a shooting range, fishing hole and playing on all kinds of cool the biggest four wheeler ever pictured below.   This thing looks like it was made for Shaq. And yep, we teach 'um how ter to shoot when ther yung at this house...

All in all we had a great time with family here and look forward to seeing them again soon.  McKay misses Grandma so much she sneaked the picture of Grandma and Grandpa from downstairs and put it on her nightstand.  She also made Kyle call Grandma to tell her goodnight and she walks around every now and then and says "Grandma" and puts on a sad face!

I was really looking forward to Stake "Holiday" this weekend, oh, I mean Stake Conference, but someone decided to be a traitor and I have to give the closing prayer on much for my "free day"!!   ;-)

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