Sunday, June 13, 2010

A few more pictures

I was searching through my photo albums and found these cute pictures of McKay spending the day at my friend Cindi's house the day after Hinckley was born.  She had fun playing with Emilie and wants to play with her again soon!

When we took our little trip to Bass Pro Shops McKay found her own little four wheeler.  She told me she wanted this for her birthday and that it was just her size...yeah, I am sure all of the neighborhood kids would love being run down by her with this!  And I am sure that Daddy would have no problem with the $1399 price tag!!!  The girl has him wrapped around her finger.

Daddy's All-Star

I decided it was time to take McKay in for a haircut.  She has the most beautiful red hair, however, it is fine and is constantly ratty.  She dreads having her hair combed and I feel awful that it takes so long to comb out, so we took the plunge and had my friend Lindsay chop it for us.  I have to say that at first I wasn't so sure, but after watching her run around and be little Miss Busy Body that this hairstyle suits her perfectly!

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