Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Weeks...and things I forgot

Our little blessing is now two weeks old.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy just holding him, giving him kisses, playing with his cute little feet and hold his hand.  I know this time will go so fast and before I know it he will be a toddler...or turning 11! 

Things I forgot:

How much time you spend feeding a newborn
How many times you change a diaper in one day
How much sleep you don't get, consecutively anyway
How much time you spend in a rocking chair
What it is like to change a diaper with a baby who HATES his diaper being changed
How good a babies lungs work when they hate their bath
How much you don't get done around the house
That you don't have an extra two hours to spend in the kitchen cooking a gourmet meal, at least not right now anyway!
How grateful I am for a Husband whose Mother taught him how to do housework
What it is like to be able to take a long, hot bubble bath without interruption
How much time it takes to get ready with a newborn

HOWEVER...this little guy is well worth it.
The boys have been keeping busy while Mom is inside.  

I think I should get this picture blown up and put it by my strawberries....birds beware.  Besides one heck of a pitching arm, the kid has great aim too.

The boys and McKay had a few friends over for a little friendly water fight. 
Of course Dad had to get involved...then came the neighbors.  Hinckley and I found refuge inside the house because although he loves being outside I am quite sure he would not have liked getting wet.

Kyle's family is coming into town this weekend for Hinckley's blessing.  We can't wait...the boys won't stop asking when their cousins are going to be here!  It is so nice to have family here, the boys love playing with their cousins and Grandma.  Hopefully they will let her hold the baby!


  1. cute pics...and yes it goes by SO so fast. I hold Max every chance I get still. Especially with school getting out tomorrow! eegads....