Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are the Champions...

Exciting happenings at the ballpark last night.  Taylor's team won the championship this year.  He was pretty excited as was Kyle since it was his first championship as well!

"Twelve Strong"
Great Job Yankees
Taylor also had additional exciting news when he was once again selected for All-Stars!

It looks like baseball season is not wrapping up for us.  He has All-Stars and he was asked to play on a USSSA team as well so I think that the rest of our summer is going to be just as busy.  We have hesitated about putting him into club ball because we won't allow him to play on Sundays, but the coach of this team was fine with him playing on the other days.  We are excited and it will be a great opportunity for him.

I am so proud of him, but honestly considering my family history I knew we would have at least one ball player.  I know how proud his Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Uncle and Cousins would be proud...the kid has talent!

Sorry, I just had to have a bragging moment!

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