Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Month in the Life

Another month has gone by...Here are just a few highlights from April.

The kids enjoyed the annual neighborhood Flashlight Easter Egg hunt.  It was canceled once, then on again, almost off again, but they finished before the rain came in.  McKay loves looking for eggs, but really loves all of the candy she gets too.

Taylor has been getting in some serious target practice in preparation for the robins that will make efforts to invade my strawberry patch.  I will be covering it soon, but we need to be ready nonetheless!

McKay has become quite the little artist.  There are a couple of her pictures in this photo collage.  She really amazes me at what she can do.  She wants to color and do crafts all of the time.  Her preschool pictures are in here as well.  Normally I don't buy these, but they turned out so well that I don't think I can pass them up.

Baseball season is in full swing and if I wasn't chasing waddling after McKay I would have video clips and pictures.  I will try to get some soon.  Taylor's team is actually doing a blog and there are some great pictures on it.  Just click on the team photos side bar and it will take you to the photo site.  He is #3....da Babe.

As you can tell I am growing more each day.  We are officially down to 3 weeks.  I had an appointment and another ultrasound today because last week I was measuring 39 weeks.  He is about 7 pounds, I am still measuring 39 weeks and as of right now he has no intentions (surprise, surprise) of making an entrance into this world.  What is it with these stubborn red heads?  Whoever coined the phrase "No news is good news" was OBVIOUSLY not an expectant mother in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy with the words "high and closed" to send her on her way.  At least we got a 3D picture...and this is probably good news for Kyle since he has yet to start the babies room!  (He needs to build a wall, put in french pockets doors, paint the room, put in wood floor, put up the furniture.)  He PROMISED it will be done before the baby is born.  Let's just say that right now crabby is really the only emotion I have.

The boys are enjoying more daylight and nicer weather.   Daily air soft wars, moaning at chores, crabby that school is still in session, etc.  Can't wait for summer!!!

Looking forward to a couple of rainy days (good for the garden and yard).  Other than that we have been pretty lucky so far.  Usually the first month of baseball season is rained out!  My garden is doing great, I will get pictures up soon.  I have about a gazillion strawberry blossoms!  Since it looks like I WILL be home for my next planting around Mother's Day I guess I won't have to worry about getting the seedlings out.  Anybody have any suggestions for self inducing labor?

Trying to figure out how to get the collage in the blog, but this will have to do for now because I don't really have the patience to figure it out.  Help?


  1. busy busy busy.

    I'm right there with you with being DONE with this pregnancy. I think it's worse when they tell you you're at a 3 but you stay that way for a month (just like my other two pregnancies).

    As for the collage...there are lots of ways to do it. I think the easiest way for you since I don't know what type of photo software you're using is to create it like you did the one you linked to in this post and then click on the photo collage and save it to your computer. Then upload it to your blog post. I tired to save your photo collage and do it myself and it worked...

    Let me know if that makes sense or if you want to know how to do it a different way.

  2. Ahh, the last 3 dreaded weeks of pregnancy bliss! HA! Hang in there, it will come sooner than you think and then you'll have to remember how to take care of a newborn again. HA!

    PS: I use big huge labs to make my collages. You upload your pics on flickr, and use those when u are making a collage. Its called mosaic maker. And hey...I'll be there in a month or so, so I can come over to your house and help you if you want.
    So i guess your people re-signed for another year?? Boo! That would have been fun. If you drive by and see any other townhomes in Williams Pointe up for rent...PLEASE let me know.