Friday, April 2, 2010

So busy!

Another month has gone by and I am just now sitting down to update the life of the Coleman Family.

We celebrated the the arrival of March with Grant's Birthday...he turned the ripe old age of 9! He got to open one present on his actual birthday and go to eat at his favorite restaurant. His party was held a couple of weeks later due to Spring Break.  Did I mention that his party was a sleepover...with 11 other boys...full of energy...and my last time to tell them to quiet down was 2:37 a.m.????  My basement still smells like boys....

Spring finally came a knocking so the Coleman boys got to working. They helped Mom get the garden ready, cleaned up the yard and other miscellanous outdoor chores. I am pretty sure that now I have earned the title of "Meanest Mom on the Block" because I make my kids work...they literally spent most of the day carting stones from the garage to the garden, pounding in nails for square foot gardening, putting yard waste into bags, and anything else I could think of. No free ride in this house...and with the way the world is changing I am often thinking about Genesis 3:19.  I really don't think any children will have it easy as the years go by.  TEACH YOUR KIDS TO WORK!

Just in time for the garden to be done,  Spring decided to take a back seat to another round of snow.  It was the really the only snow this year that was perfect for snowballs and snowmen.  McKay and her friend next door were set on making one, so Kyle got geared up and went outside.  After the bottom was done, so were the kids.  But Kyle, the great sport, continued to labor on and completed him.  A day and a half later he was watering our lawn!

We enjoyed an hour of culture shock when we took the kids to the downtown St. Patrick's Day parade...let's just say that I know there aren't that many Irish people in Des Moines, and the holiday is NOT an excuse to be rude, disrepectful and obnoxious.
McKay loves to comb my hair before I comb hers...most of the time she does a great job.  All I can say is that I am glad Taylor was home this day.  He spent 30 minutes getting the comb out!  I then decided to return the favor and make her sit still so I could curl her hair for Spring picture day at preschool.  It took 40 minutes, she was pretty patient (Thank you Nick Jr.) and now I have an even bigger dislike of beauty pageant moms.  Seriously, who would want to torture their kids by making them sit for hours to get them to look like a....well, since this is a family blog I want say what I am really thinking.  Needless to say, that is why we do pretty simple hairdos in this house, especially for a three year old!

McKay had a dentist appointment and started off great.  Who doesn't love watching a movie when your getting your teeth fixed, but her joy turned to anger when we had to hold her hands and feet down.  Her days of getting into the cupboard for snacks are over because there are no snacks to get anymore!  3 cavities!  And we still have to go back for one more, boy do I dread that day!

Each day this belly seems to get bigger, and more uncomfortable.  7 official weeks to go, but if I get my way it will by in the first week of May.  Please keep your fingers crossed, not only for me, but for my poor family who has to put up with my constant bad mood.  It has been almost two weeks since I ran and I can tell that each day I get more frustrated that the time for his arrival is not here.  I really would like to know why we must endure 9 months of hell...6-7 would have been perfect, but I guess if it were easy it wouldn't be worth it, right?  RIGHT????

Sugar snaps in the garden are making an appearance, my strawberries wintered well, and quite a few things are planted....lettuce, spinach, green onion, yellow onion, leek, golden and red beets, sugar snaps, peas, arugula, bok choy, carrots, turnips, asparagus, and radish.  I am hoping to get potatoes, beans and celery in the ground soon.  Seedlings in the house are doing well and I hope they continue to thrive before their May planting date, which is going to have to happen before Mother's Day since I am adamant about this babies arrival coming before his due date!

Baseball has much for a free night.  And I am really not kidding at all.  We have practice every night between the two boys.  There goes my only sanity relief (cooking) unless I try to have dinner every night at 4:30!  I guess they will just have to eat when they get home after practice.

Looking forward to a free day this weekend...oh, I mean General Conference.  Seriously, I really do look forward to this time of year to hear from President Monson and other General Authorities of the Church.  It is such a wonderful opportunity to be spiritually uplifted by the leaders of the Church.

The next couple of weeks are already looking busy.  Next weekend is Stake Leadership Training, the weekend after we are having a Quarterly Primary Activity and it is opening day at the ballpark.  The boys are signed up for their summer camps (expensive, but well worth Mom's sanity!), PTO meetings are coming to an end for the year, and summer vacation is quickly approaching...hopefully we will have weather that feels like it is supposed to!

I'll try to get the food blog updated, I have been having fun with my new way of eating.  I am LOVING the Iowa Co-Op that I joined and look forward to the Downtown Farmer's Market opening weekend  (the week before I WANT to have the baby).  Wish us luck for the next two months, it is going to get busy...wait a minute, is going to?


  1. I love the idea of putting your kids to work. There is also no free ride at our house! My kids actually like it at their age, so it's not much of a battle. And....I love the baby belly! You look great!

  2. work kids work! cute belly pics too