Saturday, May 8, 2010

What can I say...

Not to brag, well maybe just a bit, but the kid has talent.  It is sickening almost.

And he is pretty darn consistent for a 10 year old.  Not one wild pitch this year thus far.  The catchers are finally getting used to his fast and hard throw.  To tell you the truth, I even back off a bit when he gets in motion sometimes!

Really loving the MJ tongue...of course, he has no clue who that is or that he does that!

And pray tell where did this natural talent come from?  Grandmother, Uncle and Mom...I loved to catch!


  1. Pray tell? Have you picked up Pride and Prejudice again? Ha, ha.

    Mom's always have bragging rights, btw. Your kid does have talent!

  2. Hey it's been a long time.. just ran across your blog on the Saltzman's blog... Your boys are so big... I can't believe it. Congrats on the newest addition, how fun is that!! Nathan and I are doing great... we just recently moved from SD and are in Utah. Anyways just wanted to say hi... our family blog is