Monday, November 2, 2009

This year the kids had a great time on the Iowa tradition of "Beggar's Night". For "crime" reasons they always have trick or treating held on a night other than Halloween. My thoughts probably echo yours in that "Iowa" and "Crime" really don't seem to go together, but whatever.

McKay's obsession with Tinkerbell has come full circle. She now wants to be Tinkerbell everyday. And if I do say so myself, she really is pretty dang cute.

Grant decided to be Indiana Jones or "Itty Jones" as McKay called him.

And finally, "The Reaper" was played by Taylor. He wasn't a traditional reaper, but really enjoyed the heart that he got to hold in his hand and pump blood through his bones.

The best part, of course, is the loot they bring home. I really enjoy being a parent on Halloween because you "take away" most of their candy because it is bad for THEM to have too much.

No Halloween is complete without a few scary Jack O' Lanterns...and of course, a Yankees decorated one as well. I have seriously thought about leaving that one on our porch with the candle glowing every night until they win the World Series. (Which will be the next game!)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and you are enjoying your sugar high. Too bad I am too freakin sick to enjoy it!


  1. A Yankees pumpkin??? That would be smashed at our house :) Sorry you're still feeling sick- I was on Zofran the entire pregnancy with Sydney- it was miserable! Hopefully you start feeling back to normal soon!

  2. we missed Beggars Night this year. Those pumpkins were pretty cool.

    PS: I am pretty sure that I have talked up New Moon enough on my blog....I don't want people to start getting the wrong idea you know. It's not like I am obsessed or anything??? haha. Who am I kidding???