Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Hectic Family...and Big News!

The rundown?

Spent five days in Gillette, Wyoming for our nephew's baptism.
Family pictures
Friend's baptism
Stake Primary Training
Relief Society Dinner and Broadcast
Birthday lunch with friends
McKay Gymnastics classes
Doctor Appointments
Weekly Primary Meetings
Early Outs
General Conference (actually watched almost all of it!)
Primary baptism
Dinners with friends
Week trip to Cody, Wyoming for Kyle's Grandfathers funeral

I don't know where our time goes. It just goes fast!

We had a great time visiting family in Gillette for Ethan's baptism. The kids always have a fun time visiting, even with the "disagreements". They spent an afternoon at the hotel playing in the waterpark, visited a rock museum, had dinner out with Jamie and Jeff, and made everyone crazy with all of the noise. We are especially grateful that we took the time to go for this trip because Kyle's Grandfather came up for the baptism as well. It was the last time we all got to see him and what cherished memories we will have of that weekend.

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As you learned earlier, Kyle's Grandfather passed away on Wednesday, October 14th. He was 87 years old. His health had been declining and we had expected his life to shortly come to an end. Fortunately for us and the kids we were able to spend a few days with him in Gillette. Kyle has such fond memories of his Grandfather. He was such a wonderful man and will be deeply missed. I cannot express the gratitude that I have for knowledge of eternal families. In times like this being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints brings such comfort and peace. During our time home for the funeral the kids were able to spend time with cousins that they don't see often and Kyle really enjoyed the time with all of his brothers and sisters.

While we were there the boys spent a lot of time hiking and working with Grandpa. We even took a day to go up to our old snowmobile stomping grounds in Cooke City. I have learned that there are a few things that just synonymous with Wyoming....deer in the front yard, cow on the road, wait 15 minutes and the weather will change, grizzly bears are a part of life. (And if you dare say that they aren't a problem, I seriously will come find you and kick you where the sun don't shine!)

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I hope you enjoy the pictures. We really forgot how beautiful the Sunlight/Crandall area is.

Finally, I will update the food blog. And soon. But first I have to get over the 24 hour nausea I have every single day. I really haven't enjoyed food lately. You probably guessed it, but there will be allfourreds (most likely) in the Coleman household. Unexpected yes. But, I guess that is the way it goes. And as I listen to little Miss Spoiled throw her tenth tantrum for today I am realizing that she really does need a younger sibling.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Kyle's grandfather. I wish I would have known sooner and been able to come visit you guys while you were in Cody.
    On a happier note, congratulations on a new Coleman baby.

  2. Wow! What a fun surprise ;). Looking forward to seeing fourth red! Good luck with the herbal tea always helped me.

  3. Ginnie- I am just come out and say it! Are you crazy! :o) I get sick for a few days and this is what I find when I look at facebook. See I am not that nuts after all :o) The more the merrier :o)

  4. congrats on the new little one. I hope you're feeling well. Sending the disc out to you today.