Monday, November 23, 2009

Indy: Great Friends, Great Movie, Great Food....and a Bentley

This past weekend I went to Indianapolis to spent the weekend with my good friend Angie and her family. Alone...all alone. I'll tell you what, the best thing a mother can do is take time for herself. I always love that my husband has supported my little "girlfriend" trips. You come back relaxed, refreshed and ready to be a better mom. And in my case, a few pounds heavier, because when Angie and I get together it is all about the food. Sorry for the lack of real pictures, but we were having such a great time that I spaced it.

First up was Petit Chou. A fabulous little french restaurant (from the main Patachou in downtown) in Carmel. Delicious!! Here were our selections:

Potato Galette with Smoked Salmon A pan-fried potato cake served with dilled creme fraiche and smoked salmon

Patachou Crab Cake Two crabcakes served simply with a light Dijon cream sauce and lightly dressed field greens

Duck Fat Frites Potatoes fried the authentic way in duck fat. Served with housemade aioli, Dijon mayonnaise or ketchup

Petite Chou Burger with Frites Premium Indiana-raised natural chuck, served medium on a brioche bun with housemade
aioli, caramelized leeks, sautéed mushrooms and Brie. Served with pommes frites

The next evening we had the pleasure of dining at Sakura. When I read the following write up I was expecting a 5 star, elegant sushi restaurant. ("When you come to Sakura you will notice the unique diversity of our customers covering a multitude of age groups, cultures, and attitudes. On the same night you may see cutoff jeans and tuxedos, rock musicians and businessmen, classical musicians and professional football players." ) Folks, I was a tad bit surprised when we pulled up to what appeared to be a hole in the wall. The building was old, looked neglected and the parking lot maybe held 20 cars. When we walked in the place was jammed packed. Fortunately we had a reservation. The interior was almost as sketchy as the exterior. The menu was normal, your typical sushi rolls and Japanese selections. There were also some special sushi selections that night. Let me tell you...these sushi chefs know what they are doing. I have had some of the freshest sushi imaginable and this was probably the best. The rice was done perfectly, the nori and seafood were fresh, and the combination of flavors was divine. Here are some of our selections:

Ika Maruyaki
Grilled squid

Steamed Japanese dumpling with hot mustard.

Hawaiian Tuna roll

Boston roll

Canadian roll

Hoosier roll

Rock'n roll

I should have written down the special rolls we had, but I can't remember. Let me just say....PERFECT.

So as our dining experience was about to come to a close and I had to comment on the write up about the restaurant setting. There wasn't anybody in tuxedos, or musicians, or any professional athletes, but there were plenty of people in jeans, button down shirts and normal, everyday clothes. As we walked out I had to stop right in mid step because there parked in front of me was a beautiful black Bentley....sitting next to a 1980 Honda Civic. I guess this is the place to find someone with celebrity status. I just didn't know who it was.

OPA!!! Our final dining destination was Santorini Greek restaurant. I love Greek food and this restaurant really epitomizes perfection. It seriously is one of those places that you could still crave after visiting it each week for a year. I can't wait to go back to Indy and revisit this fabulous find. And I loved that our server enjoyed our eating abilities. Let's just say that Angie and I never go on the "light side".

the famous “flaming cheese”, made from kefalograviera, a tasty goat cheese. A pleasure to be seen as well as to be eaten. Served with warm pita

Spinach and feta encased in phyllo and baked until golden brown

Seasoned ground beef and rice mixture wrapped in grape leaves and served with a delicate lemon sauce

Our main dish was a chef special of lamb selections. There was lamb kebab, leg chops and lamb steak. They were served with traditional greek salad and pita, green beans, rice pilaf, greek potatoes and a grilled mixture of mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini and onions in a wonderful sauce.

Rice pudding served warm or chilled, topped with cinnamon

Sweet Greek custard with phyllo crust on the top and the bottom, garnished with cinnamon. Can be served warm or chilled

New Moon was great. We went twice and loved it both times.

Looking forward to another get away soon. I think we are planning on NYC for the "Breaking Dawn" premiere. I know "Eclipse" will be opening in June, but considering the fact that a new baby is to arrive at the end of May, I am going to have to wait a while for the next ladies weekend away.

And the best part? I come home to cleaned carpets, a clean house, laundry done, new tires on the car, and so I get to rest from my vacation for a few days!!!

Repost:Because there might be some who say "What is the big deal about a Bentley?" let me just say just don't "go" to a Bentley dealership in any old town. There are probably about 25 in the US. And for a majority of the normal people in America, it is a car worth more than your house...and I am talking a 300,000 house too. So, a big deal in the fact that you don't see them often and even bigger that it just didn't fit in the "dive" appearance that is Sakura. The 1980 Honda was more suited!

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  1. I have always wanted to drive a Bentley....and a Porsche 911 turbo silver with red leather.....glad you had a god time and some time off. Grant was a sweetheart. A very well-mannered boy!