Monday, July 6, 2009

Baseball, Part 2

No I haven't been too busy to post, unless of course you count six baseball games, two practices, physical therapy, Grant's Dr. appointment, visit teaching, my Dr. appointment, parade boys were in for scouts, golfing, friends for dinner, picnic at friends...hmmm, not too busy at all. Well, maybe that is busy considering it was just last weeks schedule!

Yes, indeed it has been pretty hectic at the Coleman home. However, despite the busy schedule something magnificent happened. The boot came off! And with a fabulous tan line if I do say so myself. Too bad I couldn't take a picture of my whole leg...let me just say that the Mormon tan line with the boot tan line is looking pretty sweet. We will not be going to the pool until the bottom half is a little more even!!

Baseball is consuming our lives. Taylor's All-Star team won their two pool play games last week and they start their District Tournament tomorrow night. He is enjoying it. He also had two second season games last week. Grant really likes his team because he has quite a few friends on it. They both have two games a week so we are once again living at the ballpark...or at least it feels like it.

My garden over runneth...I harvested some new potatoes, sugar snap peas and green onions last week. There are some baby beets ready too. I love the feeling of being able to go out and get things out of the garden. I have more tomatoes that I am going to know what to do with...good thing I love to can. With the amount of jalapenos and onions growing I think salsa with be the choice this year. I am glad Kyle worked so hard perfecting the soil!

McKay spends 8 hours a day in her swimsuit. She loves the water and starts swimming lessons tomorrow with the boys. I can't wait to see how she does. The girl has no fear...absolutely none!

The boys got to participate in the Waukee 4th of July parade with their scout troop. Make sure you look at the highlight of Grant's photo. McKay was so excited to see them...and the candy she got. We always choose the end of the parade route because many people are out of candy at that point!

My little friend Mr. Migraine showed up this week so Kyle brought home some flowers with a few Aveda products designed to soothe a headache. He is such a nice fellow! Oh, and if you have never used Sprite of 7-Up mixed with water for your flowers, give it a try the next time you have some. The have last now 9 days and are just starting to wilt!

So you may ask, this week? Swimming lessons, the boys have a summer sports camp every afternoon, friends to dinner, All-Star tournament, two baseball games each for the boys, baseball practice, two physical therapy appointments, Primary meeting, Stake sports I need to continue. But may I reiterate from my post when school got out, keeping them busy keeps the fighting to a minimum...except of course in the morning when they are supposed to be doing their reading and workbooks, one always has to antagonize the other. Boys will be boys, after all!

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  1. Nice tan line! I'm glad the boot is off. HOORAY for you!