Thursday, July 16, 2009

So much to do, so little time.

Well, I can't start this post without some great footage of Mr.Taylor making an awesome play from the mound. Yes, I was a little enthusiastic...but man, that was a darn good play. And he got the out!

The last week has been filled with swimming lessons, trips to the theatre, some time at Living History Farms and just being young!

The lighting bugs are out in hoards. It is so fun to watch McKay chase them. I just couldn't manage to get a picture with one shining it's booty, so McKay and her new favorite facial expression will just have to do.

McKay loved Living History Farms. This is her first time in which she could really get involved in the activities and displays. Here she mimics a sheep.

I have to wonder if this isn't a sign of things to come??!!

They all have been loving swim lessons. Kids are so resilient. It has been pretty cool some mornings! The boys spend more time seeing who can best one another in holding their breath that anything, I think. And I think, although I am not quite sure, that we might have to put Taylor in diving lessons...he says this is the way he prefers to go off the diving board. Boys will be boys!

Loving this nice little yellow bird that eats my flowers every morning.

Kyle spent the day home with us on Monday. Took the kids to Iowa Machine Shed for some carotid artery clogging breakfast, went to see Ice Age 3 (McKay's first movie and did great!) and spend that night at the ballpark.

The boys and I spent Wednesday afternoon with Andrea watching Harry Potter. You'll have to go visit her site, her little guy is a doll. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. I really have enjoyed all of the ones and thought this one was a little slow and monotonous. Sorry hardcore Harry fans!

We have had baseball games every night this week and I am getting a little burned out...only 3 more weeks to go! The boys have a tennis clinic Saturday and golf lessons next week, baseball games M-R, and a Primary Activity. Another busy week, but then life slows down for the last few weeks of summer break. I can't belief how fast the summer is going. The boys start school August 19th and it is coming upon us quickly.

Have a good weekend!

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