Sunday, June 21, 2009

All Star Week

Sorry I didn't get a post done last week. We have actually been pretty busy. The boys ended their baseball season but on Tuesday night Taylor was selected as an All-Star. They start at age 9 in our league, so Grant will have to wait until next year for his chance. This is a pretty big league so it is quite an honor that Taylor got selected. They were supposed to start practice on Friday, but it was raining. So, his first practice is Monday. They play in an All-Star tournament over the week of July 4th. Let's just say that he is pretty excited to have baseball season still going!

Here is a picture of the All Star team. He knows quite a few of the players and one other kid from the Yankees got selected.

The boys had Art in the Park last week. They made paper maches, beach scenes, dream catchers, tie-dye pillowcases, rain makers and a few other items. The really enjoyed it.

They also had fun one afternoon at the neighbors on their slip n slide. Someone had the crazy idea to add dish soap to the slide to make it more slick. I think it is sufficient to say that they were "flying".

My garden is just amazing. We have already enjoyed quite a few salads from the lettuces I have planted. My sugar snaps and potatoes are already flowering. The strawberry bulbs I ordered from Gurney's finally got in Monday and they already look amazing! We are really excited for the summer to progress to enjoy all that I planted. I think it is safe to say that I am going to have an abundance of produce. I can't wait!

This upcoming week they have Scout Camp on Friday and Saturday. We are hoping that the weather is nice and we can take a day trip to zoo and Living History Farms. The boys also have a birthday party each to attend. With all of that, baseball practice for Taylor and the usual "Coleman Boot Camp" routine, we should be busy enough to avoid fighting. So far they have only lost privileges a couple of times!

My Dr. appointment was Monday and I have the boot for another two weeks. It is healing, but there are still days when it aches a little. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. When I am done I want to be able to get back into my running routine without too much delay so if I have to take an extra two weeks, I'll do it. Luckily I am able to maneuver my pilates machine so I still get a workout! And my tan line? I can't wait to post that picture in two weeks.

The Iowa humidity is going strong. I hate this weather, but it is good for my garden and I haven't had to water yet, so I shouldn't complain too much!

Have a good week!


  1. That is so neat that Taylor is doing so well in baseball. Looks like you are all staying BUSY! Thanks for having Daxon over today he had a great time.
    Your garden looks great!

  2. It was good to see you for a few minutes today. I just found your blog through Heidi's, and agree with "jdandlori". Your garden does look great! Very impressive.