Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm dreaming....

3714 Coleman, Ginnie 35 F Waukee, IA L

This WOULD be my race number for the Dam to Dam Saturday...but alas, it is not.

I am almost two weeks into wearing the boot and I am diligently following the rules, except of course when my ankle is itching.

I hope that my 4 week appointment shows all is well and I will be able to start running again. Something I have discovered with this injury is that I hate music when I am not running to it. I have a great collection of songs on my IPOD that get me moving and motivate, but when I am not doing SOMETHING along with them it is annoying. And oh how I long to hear the musical genius of Eminem, Lady Ga-Ga, The Scorpions...

I really HATE not being able to run...or walk down stairs...or the black marks all over my wood floor...or not being able to chase McKay when she takes off (which is all the time).

Well, maybe this will make me more prepared for my marathon. Maybe I will be stronger and a little faster. Good luck to everyone I know running the race Saturday. I will be dreaming of the finish line for you!

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