Monday, June 1, 2009

Forget the terrible twos!

I have always said that I don't believe in the terrible twos, but McKay proved that wrong. The boys were always "terrible threes", but I am hoping (fingers crossed) that McKay's naughty times are starting to decline and it will have been more like the terrible 2 1/2s. Here's to hoping, right?

Well, the right of passage occurred and McKay turned 3 on May 27th. We were able to have friends over on Sunday to celebrate the occasion. She loves Dora so I skipped (gasp!) church to finish decorating her cake. Before I continue onto the cake, let me just say that the last two weeks I have been a tad bit crabby so the Sunday break was really for 3 hours of peace and quiet. I started with two sheet cakes, layered them and then cut out Dora's head. Then I decorated. She loved it, wanted to touch it all of the time and I think it turned out pretty darn good. Maybe even great because it was cherry chip cake and buttercream frosting. Believe me, I really tried to find a way to use cherry frosting, but I don't think a pink Dora would look too good. I know my Mom would be proud!

She had a great time playing with her friends and opening her presents. I think this was the perfect size party for a three year old. I have come to the conclusion that less always seems more. (Except in cooking equipment of course!) The pictures are of McKay sitting on her BFF Kate's moms lap, her friend "Horson" helping her blow out the candles, and her favorite Dr. getting her some strawberry lemonade.

We had some good friends over for a BBQ and enjoy filets, corn on the cob, roasted chipotle potato wedges, watermelon and smores. I finally broke down and bought a fire pit that I know will get used often.

Of course, the night wouldn't have been complete without the perfect, and I mean, perfect, roasted marshmallow. Or marshmallow flambe as I call it.

Taylor had a fun project at school in which they were to write a report and make a model of something in the world. He chose "his favorite vacation ever" to highlight. Here is his model of Mt. Rushmore. He and a friend worked together to make it. If you look really close, you can see the faces he tried to carve...even Teddy's glasses!

Baseball season is slowing down and we only have two games this week and then on to tournament time. School is out Thursday and the boys are ready for summer to start. They are signed up for a lot this summer (to keep them from fighting...hopefully). They have soccer camp, art in the park, sports camp, scout camp, swimming lessons, golf camp, fun in the sun camp, late summer baseball....let's see, what else? Oh, on top of that they need to complete a workbook and reading goals to get some $$$ at the end of the summer. Hopefully the $$$ will encourage them to work hard.

Me? Countdown to my xray on the 15th to see if I am healing the way I should...I am ready to start running again. Final PTO meeting tonight, school academic meeting tomorrow, scouts Wednesday, games Thursday, Friday...well, we'll just see about that, it is the first day of summer break. I hope it's nice.


  1. Great job on the cake. Glad you got a break!

    The way you like your marshmallows is the same way my brother and mom enjoy, I like it brown :)

    The food sounded amazing! Aren't birthdays great?!

  2. Wow, I'm VERY impressed with the cake. But then again, I am not a bit surprised that you would be that ambitious! How's your leg? How's your lovely boot?