Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun with Family

This past week has been a lot of fun at the Coleman house. However, it didn't start off that way. I still am amazed that we can go from weather like this:

To weather like this:

Well, at least it hasn't gotten so cold that it froze my buds...let's just keep our fingers crossed. But this week is starting off about right. It is raining, and of course, Little League opening day is Saturday. Here's to a month of rescheduled days due to rain. Three years in a row it has been like this! Again, keeping fingers crossed.

Kyle's Mom, Sister, Sister's Husband and kids came and visited us. They were here for Grant's Baptism. It was such a special day and we were so glad that some family could be here.

The kids spent a lot of time outside playing basketball, tennis, coloring the sidewalks. Grant wrote a special message to the fighter jets that fly over..."Hi Fighter Jets...Do a rollover". I didn't tell him they probably wouldn't see it. Even Doug enjoyed playing with the chalk. And let me tell you I am grateful...because that means he wasn't trying to hit my kids in the head with anything! :-)

Our neighborhood has a flashlight Easter egg hunt on Friday night and the kids loved having that to entertain them. Of course they were done in about five minutes, but they loved the candy they got. Even McKay was excited to find eggs. Nothing quite like a sugar high at bedtime!

Landon defied the laws of gravity...sort of...and ran the jeep up the back of Grant's bike. He thought it was so dang hilarious! I hope I don't have to buy another set of tires this year...or a new jeep. The reverse moves slower than a snail and the front tires are starting to that a bad sign?

The kids had fun coloring Easter eggs. Let me just say that I am so grateful for a storage room and a spare table. This has become our little craft room and I love that I am not stressed out about them scratching the table, getting it on the carpet, etc! Definitely worth it.

The Easter bunny made a stop at our house this year. I was quite surprised that the kids were happy with the "little" they got. I believe in concentrating on the Savior, therefore they get a little basket (.75), a box of nerds (.99), a puzzle (2.50) and chocolates (.75). They really enjoyed the puzzle and once again it has proven that less is sometimes more!

McKay has decided to become a little green monster...wait a minute, she has always been a little monster, now she just has the mask to prove it. Grant made this mask in art class and she has enjoyed wearing it's a little creepy thought, don't you think?

Nothing is more heartbreaking that a little girl determined to go home with Grandma. As everyone was getting ready to leave Sunday morning, McKay informed us that she was going home with Grandma. With pajamas still on, she put on some dress shoes and was ready to go. She was NOT happy when Kyle had to take her out of Grandma's arm. She was so upset. She calmed down later but her mind was set...we were going to "Gwamma's house tomorrow". She even asked where Grandma was last night as we were putting her to bed. Hopefully she will be able to see Grandma again soon!

I had a great 7 mile run and Saturday and am feeling pretty good about the Dam to long as I can stay healthy. I am glad to be getting outdoors and am finding that I am actually running faster than I do on the treadmill. Except of course when my running buddy convinces me to do a sprint after our run. I was feeling great until then. My legs were like jelly after that. Saturday throughout the day was NOT fun going up and down stairs. This week I run 4, 6, 4, 4, off and then 8. It is getting more difficult but I am glad I have done this week is a light week. Woo hoo!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. A flashlight egg hunt would be so much fun! I bet the kids loved it. Way to go on your 7! I've never gone farther than 8 in one workout. In fact today at about mile 4.5 I was wishing David would come pick me up!

  2. Great job on your running. Looks like you had a great weekend with family. I agree with the less is more at Easter and I love the Easter egg hunt idea. Sooo FUN!

  3. Aww, reading that and seeing the picture is so sweet. I love that grandma of theirs. She was a primary and YW teacher of mine many years. Such a wonderful lady!