Thursday, December 4, 2008

Martha I am not

I have never proclaimed to be the Martha Stewart type. I cook. I am pretty darn good at it. I am satisfied with that. However, last year after Christmas my friend Heidi and I were hitting some holiday sales. We found the cutest tree placemats at PB Kids. I don't have a permanent advent calender so I got this wild idea that I could make one. I had completely forgotten about it until I was at Heidi's and she had already started decorating. So, I attempted the impossible. I tried to get crafty. I actually did pretty good up until the sewing part. I do not sew. That is what seamstresses are for. Luckily Heidi saved the day. After I had it all pieced together she sewed it for me! I think the finished product isn't too bad. The kids love it and I feel a sense of pride at my craft attempt. Of course, that is my limit for crafts for the next decade.

The snow finally fell in Iowa. Needless to say I am not that impressed with "Iowa Winters". Come on, where is the real snow. They cancel snow if there is "supposed" to be a big storm. I don't think we have had over 6 inches in one day since I have been here (3 years!) My idea of a storm is enough snow to take a snowmobile to the gas station. Seriously, where is the snow??? However, the little amount we did receive excited the boys. They have played outside after school everyday until it is too dark to be out there anymore. They probably would stay outside except their mean mom makes them come in. Grant was pretty proud of his snowman so he asked me to put up a picture of him. I think he has shown everyone that has come over.
Enjoy the cold...Today I am sitting back, relaxing, enjoying the fire and a nice cup of hot chocolate...or two. No wonder I have to work out every day. The winter hot chocolate habit kills me!


  1. Way to go Ginnie! I knew you had it in you. That is absolutely adorable. Thanks for the idea. I've been needing a new advent calendar at my house.
    And if you're missing snow, I'll gladly send some of ours your way. I do like snow, but when it snows for two days straight it becomes slightly annoying.

  2. Love the calander! It looks great! I love doing crafts, if they are easy! The girls can't get enough of playing out in the snow, I love to watch them, and see thier cheeks get red, and their lips get chapped! I have to agree about the snow, it's more ice than snow, it's too cold to snow here, it just ice's!! gotta love Iowa! Happy Holidays!

  3. We miss real snow too! Trissa Nesbit emailed me a picture of a Rapid City storm that had snow piled up almost as high as the roof of her house! Florida winters are downright depressing. You have to turn the A/C up to get cold enough to want hot chocolate! Good job on the advent calendar- that is one of my next year's projects. (I'll probably just buy one when they go on sale after Christmas) :)

  4. super cool idea for the calendar and it turned out way cute!

    I'm lacking in the "mormon crafty/scrapbooking" gene nor do I have to desire to obtain one, however, I do love a friend that can do it all for me :) I do have a goal to learn a little more sewing...maybe I should get a machine first :)