Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marie Miles

It has been a pretty slow week at the Coleman's. Of course, by slow I mean that our schedules were postponed due to a nice showing of the flu. As soon as I got home Friday afternoon the school called and Taylor had a fever.

The weekend outlook was pretty boring, but fortunately I had plans for a girl's night out. We decided to head over to the Celebrity Food and Wine Expo. $30 down the drain. I have more fun when I go to Williams Sonoma. So we sucked it up and then went to a new sushi restaurant, Miyabi 9. It was ok, and for those of you in Des Moines, Waterfront still retains the title of being the best. So finally we thought that we better end the night on a bang...we went to Twilight. My friend Angie has not read the books but she loved the movie. And by the way, the first time I thought it was ok. It was much better the second time.

As I am walking in the door I notice a distinct smell and the first thing out of Kyle's mouth is "You sure picked a great night to go out." Poor Kyle. McKay broke in our new home by throwing up 5 times...upstairs in the office, in the kitchen, on him, downstairs in the family room, and on the stairs. He spent the whole night cleaning the floor. Since he has a bright and early 6:30 am Bishopric meeting, I spent the rest of the night soothing McKay with her dry heaves. What fun. She wasn't sick Sunday, but had a fever. Taylor continued with a fever off and on and missed school yesterday.

So...now I am officially behind in my to do list. Today's list is: take kids to school, Pilate's and lower body workout, visiting teaching, clean our rental (someone moves in Wednesday...nothing like putting it off until the last minute!), laundry, and dinner. Does the fun ever end?

On a high note, I have a great picture for my mother in law...and Eric, what do you think of the youngling putting on some serious Marie miles on the vacuum? You should see her with the central vac hose, she would play with that thing all day. Oh, and in true vacuum obsessed form, we prefer our regular vacuum. Central vac sucks....well, not at all actually!

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  1. You are one busy girl. ow do you do it all? Thanks for dinner it was fabulous. You an amazing cook. Love the cute vaccum pictures!