Monday, December 8, 2008

Who ever decided that Holiday family photos were a good thing???

It is that wonderful time of year again...taking family photos for holiday cards. But before I get started on the chaos that it is in our home, here is a quick update on our week.

It is cold...and not the good kind of cold. Like I said in my last post, I can handle the cold that comes with snow. But the freezing ice cold is not my friend. It doesn't even make winter the least bit enjoyable. LUCKILY my kids don't care about how cold it is. They still play outside until they are forced to come in. I count my blessings on that one because Christmas break is coming up and my goal is to survive the two weeks without being committed.
McKay finds the oddest places to fall asleep. I have resorted to child proof handle lock on the inside of her room...that is my way of "forcing" her to nap. Maybe she is past nap stage but I will keep trying. Nevertheless, this week her place of choice was her trundle bed. Keep in mind that the opening was about 18 she got ever got in there is beyond me, let alone falling asleep.

Because this post wouldn't be complete without my photography efforts, here is a slide show of our session. Yes, it took almost 30 minutes to get a picture with McKay smiling. Yes, we had to resort to using duck tape to hold her still. Yes, this reiterated my thoughts on professionals. What would life be like without photographers, seamstresses, mechanics, etc. I know what it would be like, EVERYONE would be committed.

McKay loves her cereal much to my chagrin. I usually cook a nice breakfast for the kids, however, McKay always wants cereal. Doesn't it look like she is praying for cereal?
Taylor's birthday is tomorrow. He will be 9 years old. The time goes by so quickly. It saddens me to think that half of his time in our home is up. Look for a post later this week as we celebrate his big day.


  1. 1. Amen to the cold! I keep chanting "It's my last Iowa Winter...It's my last Iowa Winter"...

    2. I also put a childproof door knob/lock on the inside of ella's room when she was about that age. I thought she would get out of bed...but quite the opposite. She's 4 1/2 and she still won't get out of her bed when we lay her down...even if we accidentally sleep in (8 am is sleeping in) she will stay in her bed until we come and get her (bathroom is the one acception) She also still takes a 2 hour nap...some days she reads for a while but when ever I go in about an hour into her nap she's asleep. I'm going to milk the naps for as long as I can! :)

  2. Those pictures are so funny!! i love the duct tape!! matt laughed hard! i hate this cold too. ice is miserable! i just want to stay indoors until spring!

  3. Happy Birthday Taylor!! We hope you had a wonderful day. Wish we were there to join your party!! We would have called, but I don't think you were awake at 9:30, unless you are like our kids. I always forget you are an hour ahead. WE LOVE YOU!!