Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a week!

The house was pretty quiet this week...and by quiet I don't mean the "quiet" that is to be enjoyed. If there are absolutely no sounds I know McKay is doing something she isn't supposed to. I think I have spoken of her water obsession before so you won't be surprised when I tell you that during one of these "quiet" times I found her in the boy's bathroom making quite a fine mess. First she started with the mirror markers, and the proceeded to make some kind of toothpaste soup. LUCKILY I caught her right before the bathroom sink overflowed. Don't you love her little smile in the first picture...this kid knows EXACTLY what she is doing.

We spent an afternoon at the park with her friend Kate. (Kate's lucky Mom was enjoying an afternoon at the Spa for her birthday.) They had fun and spent most of their time on the slide. I couldn't help but take the pictures of Kate's wild hair...keep in mind that in most of these pictures she has already stopped moving. That is some serious static!

McKay discovered a new use for a colander...a hat.

And for those of you who think that my day is spent making gourmet breakfasts and lunches here is living proof that I do feed my kids Chef Boy R'Dee (okay, so maybe I can't even spell it but they get it once in awhile!) You would think by these pictures that McKay enjoyed putting it all over her instead of inside her mouth.

Of course, the week wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Principal Park, home of the:

Kyle's firm has great seats right by home plate and although the boys love being that close they are always sad that they miss out on the "loot". Their friend Jacob was the highlight between innings when he got to shoot the hotdog gun. The Cubbie's won, of course, and we are looking forward to a few great playoff games! Go Cubs!

Taylor said there are never any pictures of here you go.


  1. Funny!!! I remember the quiet times!! Actually, Meagan still gives me some of, lotion, shampoo... anyways, looks like the game was a blast, we want to take the girls to one, I think they would enjoy it! your family is so great, I sure miss the good ol ward. like the extra picture(you) it is a good one, you wear a baseball cap well! hope to see you soon!

  2. Girls seem to be the best at being quiet and getting into things. The cubs game looks like a ton of fun. Tell Taylor we love seeing his picture what a cute kid!

  3. It's funny how scary "quiet" can be isn't it!?