Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Well...we survived the summer! At first I was a little worried that I went over the top in all the camps I put the boys it, but as summer was winding down and the disagreements increased, I was so glad they were busy the first two months! Luckily the trip to Wyoming helped ease August. They were ready (despite the many comments about hating school) ready to go back. Both the boys like their teachers, in fact, Grant says his is the best teacher ever and he hopes to have her next year too. I guess we'll have to see if his attitude remains the same. McKay seems to be adjusting well to not having her brothers home. I think she really enjoys alone time with Mom. Although, when I rode with the boys to school today she got on her little backpack and said she wanted to go to school. The one picture of Taylor is with his friend Daxon. Daxon is in Taylor's class again this year and he is so excited! Hope every one has a good week!


  1. You have such handsome boys.We will need to go to lunch or something since we both only have one kid at home.
    Daxon is so excited to be in Taylors class again this year I'm so glad they are friends Taylor is a great kid.

  2. I love the red hair - they are sooo cute!